Monday, April 17, 2006


I cooked Easter dinner for friends this year. Over the next few days I'll post the recipes. The most complicated was the lamb:

~4lb boneless leg of lamb
1 head of garlic
olive oil
dried mint, parsley, herb de province, cumin
mini-prep food processor (large might work too)

Take the lamb out of the fridge and place in a roasting pan. Trim off excess fat and cut off small thinner pieces to cook seperately for a shorter amount of time.

Peel all cloves from the head of garlic and place in food processor. Add plenty of mint, some parsley, a little herb de province, and a tiny bit of cumin. Blend till garlic is chopped. Add olive oil till it comes together into a paste (on the liquid side). Smear all pieces of lamb with the mixture and let it rest. Don't let it sit out of the fridge too long, but it should start to approach room temp (~1hr). Preheat grill.

Place all pieces on grill. The main large piece short take ~12 minutes a side. I use the poke test to determine doneness. Mine was very rare in the center, but a good medium rare on all sides and the smaller pieces which I pulled off early were both done.

Let it rest for 5-10 minutes and cut. Serve as is, or if you like it (I don't), with mint jelly.


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