Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brussel sprouts, part 2

So I've bought brussel sprouts again thinking that I wanted to eat them again, but the amount of prep time scared me away from cooking them, that and I've been on a bad food kick recently. But its time to be good again, and when I cooked the sprouts tonight, it wasn't so bad. Instead of trimming the spouts in my hand, I just cut them on a cutting board. Thusly it went faster because I wasn't constantly worried about cutting my fingers. Most of my spouts were small, so I only cut a couple in half. The rest I just trimmed off 1/8 to 1/4 an inch where the stem was. I also removed the outer leaves of a couple which were particularly dirty. Finally I gave them a rinse and steamed them for 10 minutes from a cold pot (wok with water in it, over medium heat, with a bamboo steamer and a single layer of sprouts). This was probably too long as they were a little mushy and not as vibrantly green as when I braised them, so next time I'll try 8 minutes.

My goal for the few weeks: eat more veggies.


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