Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bad Dave part 2

So I've still been bad about writing recently. I think that is partially because I've gotten into a rut again with my cooking. I need some inspiration, I need to "spring" clean my kitchen, and I need to stop eating chicken and green beans every night. So starting tomorrow I begin getting my kitchen back in order. After that I will start rediscovering my old recipies and hopefully some new ones with the hope of blogging about it.

That said, tonight I caved. I cave often recently. Tonight I went to Carl's Jr. I didn't fully cave, I got a BBQ grilled chicken sandwich. It should be good, but you just know its loaded with salt and they probably added something else bad. I counter acted that with a salad I had bought at Trader Joe's. Caving is ok as long as you do it smartly. Limit the bad things (sodas, friends, and shakes). Eat healthy most of the time, but don't deny yourself anything.

Things to write about soon:
Fried Fish
Trout Almondine
Smothered Chicken
Oven roasted veggies
Beans, the ones I like (black eyed peas, yum)
Rediscovering baking
Why I stopped baking
Braised green beans with garlic
My weight loss

Tomorrow is jog before work, bagel at work , and then volleyball after work day. Fun fun fun.



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