Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Precooked chicken, the supermarket deli, and other veggies to steam

Well, I've been pretty busy this past week preparing to leave for the Labor Day weekend. Work, of course, has been busier because I need to do the same amount of work, I just need to get it done earlier. This, of course, has played havoc with my cooking. However here are some tips I try to follow:
- make a sandwich for dinner
- buy already cooked chicken and steam some veggies
- buy already cooked veggies to at a supermarket deli

Earlier I posted about steaming asparagus. Other good vegetables for steaming include green beans (~12+ min), sugar snap peas (~8min), and broccoli (~??min). All of these are very tasty. Good luck with eating healthy, and I'll try to post again while I am in Chicago.


Blogger jazz said...

a cooking man is a man after my own heart!

thanks for stopping by my blog to provide some insightful knowledge.

3/9/05 08:22  

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